LED Floodlight

For Sport, Leisure and Industry

LED Floodlight

for sport, leisure and industry

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ISOLED® not only offers high-quality and energy-efficient LED floodlighting systems, but is also always available to provide you with personal advice from the planning stage to the final acceptance of your project.

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High efficiency

High energy efficiency and reliable performance with LED floodlights

lichtanlagen led projekt full service

Project - full - service

We accompany you from the lighting calculation to the project completion and commissioning of your new LED lighting system.

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Top LED light quality

Excellent, area-wide illumination with the floodlights from ISOLED®.

lichtanlagen led lichtqualitaet isoled
Top LED light quality

Excellent, area-wide illumination with the floodlights from

ISOLED® Floodlight -
Top LED light quality

As experts for LED products, we stand for quality.

Our floodlight features high energy efficiency and reliable performance.

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Optimisation of visual information intake during the sporting event

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Maintenance of visual performance

wandeinbauleuchte garten
Creating a pleasant and inviting visual ambience
wandeinbauleuchte garten

Achieving optimal
visual conditions

(light, dark, colour contrasts)

wandeinbauleuchte garten

Limitation of
interference and stray light

(light pollution,

wandeinbauleuchte garten

Illumination of the main area as evenly as possible

(relevant playing surface)

We realise your project for you!

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With our checklist you can quickly get an overview of the most important key points for planning your project.
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Frequently asked questions

In principle, funding of up to 70% is possible. However, the funding opportunities not only differ significantly on a national level between Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also between the individual federal states and even municipalities. Therefore, it is not possible to give a blanket answer as to which funding is possible for your project. However, we will be happy to advise you on the funding opportunities for your specific project. You can find more information under our heading Subsidies.

Light poles

Floodlight pole conical with traverse

The conical round light pole consists of a formed and longitudinally welded steel sheet, which is hot-dip galvanized with a minimum steel quality of S235 JR and according to DIN EN ISO 1461.

Delivery free of freight charges for 4 poles or more

Poles are dimensioned specifically for the project

We make foundation suggestions when purchasing ISOLED® Poles

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We advise you!

» Personal advice

» Individual lighting planning

» Project-full-service
Wir beraten Sie!

» Personal advice

» Individual lighting design

» Projekt-Full-Service


ISOLED® is a european brand of ISOLED FIAI Handels GmbH and employs over 170 people across the EU. From the very beginning (since 2008), ISOLED® has stood for 100% LED. That is the very special added value.

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